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Optimus Prime


Function: Leader





This figure came with no accessories.


Tech Spec

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"

Dedicated to protecting all life, Optimus Prime leads the Autobots in unceasing battle against the evil Decepticons. His courage and wisdom know no bounds, and he is respected throughout the universe as a powerful champion of peace. Carries a blaster rifle as well as the ancient Autobot Matrix of Leadership.



There are no known variations of Optimus Prime.



Availability: This figure was available exclusively in KB stores in 2004.

Additional Versions of Optimus Prime: There are many additional versions of Optimus Prime, for more information see our G1 Optimus Prime Toy Table.

Recolors: This mold was recolored from Spychanger Scourge (2002) and was later colored into Spychanger Movie Optimus Prime (2007, Japan).
Remolds: This figure was never remolded.

Name Reuses: The name Optimus Prime was reassigned many times, please see our Optimus Prime Disambiguation page.