Don't Call Me
Tony Productions

Autobot Ratchet



Function: Field Medic





Pads (L and R)


Tech Spec

"You call that a dent? Get back out there soldier!"
Back when the war was at its worst, even the Autobots who weren't programmed to fight were called into battle. More than once, Autobot Ratchet was forced out onto the battlefield not just as a medic, but as a warrior. They're not memories he likes to recall, but he learned more than one lesson that has saved his life in the years since.

* Injured Autobots often request him as their medic.
* Specializes in modifying armor and weapons to peak conditions.
* When forced to fight, usually shoot to disable, instead of destroy.



There are no known variations of this figure.



Availability: This figure was available exclusively at Toys R Us stores in 2010.

Additional Versions of Autobot Ratchet:

Recolors: This mold was never recolored.
Remolds: This figure was remolded into Animated Ironhide (2010), Botcon 2011 Animated Autotrooper (2011), and Botcon 2011 Animated Fisitron (2011).
Name Reuses: The name Ratchet was reassigned many times, please see our Ratchet Disambiguation page.