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Bruticus is formed from the following figures:


Tech Spec

Of all the mighty Autobot warriors scattered across the galaxy, there is only one who feels no fear at the sight of the unstoppable Decepticon Bruticus. While his comrades flee in terror, he stands his ground, stoking the superheated plasma of his fire breath for the battle to come. As the ground quakes beneath him, and the shadow of the giant Decepticon warrior fall across him, Grimlock looks up and smiles. Here, finally, is a challenge worthy of his strength!



There are no known variations of this figure.



Availability: This figure was available exclusively from and Toys R Us stores with Platinum Edition Grimlock (2013) in 2013.

Additional Versions of Bruticus:

San Diego Comic Con 2012
Decepticon Bruticus
Recolors: This mold was recolored from San Diego Comic Con 2012 Decepticon Bruticus (2012), Fall of Cybertron Decepticon Bruticus (2012), and BBTS Shared Exclusive G2 Decepticon Bruticus (2013).
Remolds: This figure was remolded into Fall of Cybertron Ruination (2013).

Name Reuses: The name Bruticus was reassigned from Bruticus (1986-2016), Robots In Disguise Bruticus (2001-2009) and was later reassigned to Kre-O Bruticus (2013).

It was also modified and reassigned to Bruticus Maximus (2005).