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Are the 80's resurgence and 80's toy reissues good or bad for the collecting fandom?
The Winner

I don't think there's any disadvantage to anyone with the reissuing of 80's Transformer toys.

For old collectors, they can get newer versions of these toys to expand their collections; and if they want to have a loose figure to play with, they can get some of these at a much cheaper price while their original toys from the 80's will still be in mint condition. As for the old fans (like me) who didn't have the chance back then or got their old toys lost or damaged, this a second chance for them to go play with these great toys. Of course, it's up to them if they choose to keep it in the box or play with it. For my part, I played with my newly-acquired Optimus Prime because he's my dream Transformer since I was a kid back in 1985.

For the newbies who didn't have a chance to get to know these toys, this is the perfect opportunity for them to get acquainted with one of the best toy lines of the past 20 years. Maybe the only Transformers they got hold of were the Beast-era, RiD and Armada lines - now is a perfect time for them to be part of the Transformers experience that started it all. As for Hasbro/Takara, it will definitely boost their sales (who wouldn't be happy with that, right?).

Of course there's the question of cost. I spent quite a lot when I got Optimus, but I still played with it regardless. Because I believe it's not how much I actually paid for it, but how much value it is for me when I play with it. And that's what matters the most. :)

-- Optimus pej

Till all are one!

This month's winner receives their choice of a MISB BW Neo Stampy or a carded Heroes of Cybertron Apex Armor Powermaster Optimus Prime.

The resurgence of the G1 toys are both good and bad. It's a good thing when you get the chance to collect a G1 Transformer that you didn't have originally without paying a steep price for making your collection complete. Believe it or not, I never had a G1 Starscream until Toys 'R Us re-issued it. The bad thing about it is that it could devalue the originals that you already own from years ago (here's to hoping that they don't re-issue G1 Jetfire :) ). Plus, the re-issues (the U.S. ones in particular) must meet today's toy standards (elongated missles anyone?), which will somtimes make the toy look a little awkward.

-- Nathan Webers

I think that Hasbros decision to reissue the G1 Optimus prime, was great. Growing up in the early 80's, I was a big Transfromers fan, but with one problem... I did not come from a wealthy family. So even though I really loved the toys, my parents were never able to afford to buy me them. Infact I only ever recived two Transformer toys when I was A kid... Bumble Bee ( a gift from my brother ) and Jazz ( second hand when I bought it of a kid I knew !! ). So when I saw a few of the generation 1 Transformers released, I just flew down to our local Toys ur us.( I bought two G1 Optimus Primes !! ) So you see, for a guy like me who missed out the first time around, gives me a second chance.

-- Regards, Steve.

I think the 80s resurgence is definitely a good thing. How else would we have gotten UNICRON?


There's frosting on my mouse.

Perhaps, but is Unicron worth the trade-off of grown-up, semi-nude Thunderkittens? --AB

As to your question of whether or not the re-issuing of old toys hurts the collector's market.... short answer, no. Long answer, it has not been proven to affect the prices of old toys in any way. The people who wish to buy a MISB original will buy just that and the seller will still get their $100-400 for it. This was the way it was before re-issuing, and it's the way it is now. Generation 2's recolors were a result of such "collector market panic".

Hasbro had to chance the color schemes to appease a few MISB collectors of G1 merchandise, and in the end, we got a few of the most eye bleeding colors imaginable(G2 Onslaught, I just can't stand). I bought Japanese reissues of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, and Ultra Magnus. As high as the prices were, I still paid a fraction of what even loose originals in displayable shape would have cost. And even by displayable shape, I don't even mean the same shape. I'd say the market for the originals is een stronger than most make it out to be, considering that even some toys in C7 or below shape can still sell for a decent price. If I could afford a G1 MISB Prime, I might even buy one, but I can't. So, I don't see how this affects a collector's sale either way if I buy a cheaper alternative, since I don't have the money. These are not paintings by famous artists.

The market will not last as strong as it is, I'd imagine the aftermarket toy collector sales will probably drop within 20 years. Especially with the mentality now that everything must stay sealed, the market will be glutted with sealed merchandise that no one wants. Then again, a true collector would care more about having the item than how much they could sell it for. So, the issue of the collector's market isn't the real issue, it's the aftermarket retail that's the issue. And a lot of these sellers will sell the item for whatever ridiculous price people will pay anyway, regardless of the demand, so no, I'd say re-issues have not affected this, if anything, it's given them more to sell.

-- Justin Anderson

Mail Bag

Hi, I've been looking at your site for the past week or so, a very informative and valuable resource to a collector like myself. Always interesting in seeing just how many figures you don't have and what those horrible looking ones that you'll never get really do look like.

Have you considered adding some pictures of the Diaclone line to the site?

-- smchellis

Yes, we have considered adding Diaclone to the site, in particular after the recent closing of a great Dialcone resource, However, plans for including Diaclone are far off, with archives for non-Takara/Hasbro lines currently in the works. --AB

Anthony, I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for satisfying all of my Transformers needs on the web. There is no doubt that you have the best site by far on the web for Transformers information. I absolutely love the navigation by either name, year or faction. Your assortment of picture is astonishing to say the least. I have already used your site a few times to get a picture of something before I bought it to make sure it was "complete" with all weapons, etc. Your description of each character is concise and to the point.

I will keep an eye out for any of the pictures you need and send them to you if I come across them. Again, I would just like to thank you for such a good site, please keep up the good work!

-- James "ShockWave" Peche Jr

James, glad you are enjoying the site. Sadly, our parts and weapons listings to need a good once over in correcting and adding images. But keep an eye out (Shockwave pun not intended), we're constantly changing and fixing things in those areas for accuracy. --AB

Hello again,
I hope you don't mind my e-mails, I happen to collect all the varients of toys whenever possible.

In reference to Lio Convoy: There are a few additional recolors that weren't mentioned.

1.Galva-Lio Convoy aka Lava-Lio Convoy in Japan from Bon Bon Magazine.
2.Tv Magazine Brown and Yellow prize giveaway
3.Gold Chrome Lio Convoy from Bon Bon Magazine.

I hope this info helps, I'll be sure to e-mail you if I find more.

-- Daniel Ross

In creating this site, I made an active decision not to include TV Magazine (et. al) contest prizes or items produced in severely limited quantities as variants or new forms. The fact that none of those items were commercially available to the public and that so few of each (in some cases only 10) were made are the main reasons.

If I were to include them, then I would need to include test shots, prototypes as well, because the numbers are nearly equal to those made for contest prizes. --AB

I just found the link to your site (at and decided to check it out... in a word- wow. Incredible job... the dedication and love for TF's is evident by the work you put into creating such a fine site. I'll be coming back quite often!

-- Respectfully, Jason Schlecht

Glad you like the site. Please come back often. -- AB

And my favorite email of the past month, a response to someone posting a link to TFU.INFO on the TransformersItalia group on Yahoo Groups:

L'ho insertio tra i link di Vector-Sigma.

-- Enrico Rossetto

My very rusty Italian translation skills tell me this roughly says "I have inserted the link to Vector Sigma." :) Emails like this and bands like Lacuna Coil make this Italian-American proud. -- AB

It's time to put your two cents in folks! Send us an e-mail and let us know what you think. This month's question of the month is:

Is the Transformers market flooded with too much product?

The month's best (and worst) responses will appear in next month's letters section. The best e-mail as chosen by the webmaster and staff will recieve a free Transformers toy of our choosing. Keep those emails coming! -- AB


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