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Ant's Collection - Pictorial and Tour

By Anthony Brucale

Like myself, many of you may have been affected by the big blackout this past August. I'm sure you all remember where you were when it happened. I was failing at taking a nap between job #1 and job #2, while rooting for a Red Sox loss on ESPN. Once without electricty, like many, I had to find a way to kill time and enjoy the evening.

While daylight still fluttered about, I decided to snap some photos of my TF collection, figuring I could use it in the next magazine. Many people often think that this entire archive is my collection. While a good portion of it is (I'd say roughly half, maybe a little less than that), the archive has been culled from the collections of a number of my good friends. Below are the photos of my collection and display as of mid-August 2003, my apologies if some are blurry.

The Main Display

My display is broken up into a few of sections. The main display and centerpiece of the room features 22 shelves, of figures, divided with the good guys (Autobots, Maximals, Guardians, etc.) on the left side of the display, the bad guys (Decepticons, Predacons, Renegades, etc.) on the right side of the display. I've kept the display in order, left to right, top to bottom, in the following tables.

The Left Side
Rock Lords/Maximal Recolors
Guardian Gobots
RID Autobots / MotU
G1/G2 Autobots
G1/G2 Autobots
G1/G2 Autobots
(mostly '84-85)
BW Neo Maximals /
BM Dinobots
Armada Autobots
BW 2 Maximals
BM Maximals
Non-Show Maximals
BW Show Maximals


The Right Side
RiD Preds & Deceps
Renegade Gobots
Evil Rock Lords / Voltron
G1 Deceps
(mostly '84-85)
G1/G2 Deceps
G1/G2 Deceps
Armada Decepticons
BW Neo Preds
BM Vehicons
BW2 Preds
BW Show Preds
BW Non-Show Preds

Above the Computer

Above the computer, in the opposite corner of the room, there are two cornered shelves in which I keep more themed shelves. Formerly home to my Wreckers shelf, the one directly above the computer consists of a Universe theme, while the one on the wall to it's right features Japanese G1 recolors and Spy Changers

Above the Computer
Universe Shelf
G1 Recolors and Spy Changers

Face Off

Two more shelves faces each other on opposite ends of the room, one above the closet, the other above the window.

Above the Closet
Mixed / Ultra Magnii
Above the Window
Wreckers &
Big Adventures

On top of the Cases

Lastly, I keep a mix of figures on the now-unused CD displays on the left and right side of the window.

CD Cases
Big Adventures

I hope you enjoyed this tour through my collection as more than I had sitting around looking for things to do during the blackout. Feel free to comment on what you see here on the TFU.INFO Forums!

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