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CyberCon Expo Wave 2

By Anthony Brucale

The road to CyberCon Expo started much earlier than last time. Part of this was due to the increased distance from New York City, the rest was from picking up a portion of #WiiGii! NY. So, after picking up Rapido, McFly, superspy, and Thylacine2000 (of Altered States Mag) at various points in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, we were on our way.

Afetr about an hour on the NJ Turnpike we arrived at the convention. Five dolalrs later, we were inside, greeted by and interesting, though small, art display, and our friend and co-#WiiGii!-er Ytsetron. The art room had a number of cool works, though surprisingly fewer entries than last time. The room was also home to the giant Prime statue and the stomping grounds for a small person in a really cool metal Prime costume (it even beeped when he/she backed up!). Some of the highlights of the art room; in 2-D were some great pencils, particularly the Armada Starscream piece. In the kitbash category, there was a very cool Autobot Spike, and a number of great pieces from Dave Hitchens. Pics from the art room below:

Daniel in Exo-Suit
Alternators Smokescreen
G1 Snarl
Rail Racer
Darkwing and Dreadwind
Armada Starscream
TWW Cliffjumper (?)
Coronated Starscream
Autobot Spike
Show Accurate
TM2 Cheetor
Show Accurate
TM Rattrap
Dave Hitchen's Kitbashes
Jet Prime as a Decep
Dave Hitchen's Kitbashes
Mirage Costume
Prime Costume
Prime Statue
Spychanger Wheeljack

Though we were told the dealer room was bigger this year it sure didn't feel like it. Even though the last Cybercon was cramped, it felt like a big open field compared to this one. That withstanding, there were many deals to be had in the dealer room, moreso than the past OTFCC, though the selection was smaller. Pics from the room below:

More Dealers
Another Dealer
Custom AMs for Sale
Custom Cobra Chopper
Dave Hitchen's great deals and customs for sale
The Room

Wankus and Neil Kaplan were great guests, though the tiny table outside the dealer room for the pair seemed a bit off-kilter. Neil and Wankus even stayed around after the dealer room closed to entertain questions and the crowd of stragglers waiting for the Binaltech Smokescreen drawing. The RiD voice actors were doing a giveaway themselves, too. To the two best questions, one would receive a copy of the script for "Battle Protocol" (the first episode of RiD) and the other would receive the series bible. Yours truely was awarded the script. Sadly, we didn't have time to stick around for the usual round of drunkeness that follows in Wankus' wake.

Kaplan (L) and Wankus (R)

Other things of note:

Someone had Energon Tidal Wave on display. Pretty. The same person also had a Battle Ravage. Battle Ravage has a silver Decepticon spark crystal.

I was a thrice winner at CyberCon Expo. Not only was I awarded the script from Neil and Wankus, but I also won a door prize, though it was the wrong one. According to the announcement for the door prize of a free Pre-Registration for Botcon 2004, I held the winning ticket. However, upon redeeming it, I was given the prior unclaimed door prize of a signed DWG1v2 #1 foil cover signed by Mick and Lee. Somehow, my ticket got mixed up or assigned to the comic instead of the pre-reg; not that I'm complaining, because I have no ways or means to get to Pasedena this summer.

There will be another CyberCon this spring; however the organizers are leaving their options open as to where and when. Comment was declined on whether or not the next show would remain in NJ.

Some guy had Transtech art on display:

Lunch and dinner were had a Chik-Fil-A; in a non-mall location. Yes, they do exist.

Some guy tried to sell us "hand-painted" Autobot shirts in the parking lot; only in Jersey.

Wanna Buy a Shirt?

Scored these funky Takara Kronoform watch dudes:

My final haul: G1 Cyclonus, Getaway, Joyride, Darkwing (not pictured below), Squeezeplay, Decoy Mirage, Super Clear Artfire, Smallest TF Starscrem, Reissue Atlan, Nightbeat body, 3 Gobots with great chrome (Scooter, Cop-Tur, and Tank), a vintage Masters of the Universe Stonedar with gun, 2 Kronoform watches, the autographed comic, and the "Battle Protocol" script.

Overall Thoughts: The convention was a lot of fun, again. the dealer room had lots of deals, Wankus and Kaplan were engaging, and the time went quickly. However, though ambitious, the con was still very disorganized. In order for this show to really gain a status other than "glorified toy show," they organizers need to make sure they do just that, organize. Aside from the room being unaccomodating to the shoppers, the time between the con and the event after forced the dealers to begin packing an hour before the end of the convention. Things like this need to be built into the time after the doors close, not while people are still shopping. Still, until the show becomes more organized, it'll still be just a snack inbetween meals and not a sufficient substute for OTFCC.