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OTFCC 2004 - Inside the Convention

By Anthony Brucale

Ahh, the convention. What can I say about the convention that hasn't been said time and again on other websites? To be entirely honest, the convention itself seemed, this year, to be much more of a sideshow to the fun and debauchery I was having with my friends from #WiiGii! That surely is not a knock on Glen and 3H, as always, they've put on a hell of a convention. However, having attended 6 consecutive official conventions prior to this one, the novelty has worn off outside of catching up with old friends. Sadly, the informational aspects provided by the convention have been replaced by the cutthroat and illegal actions of the majority of Transformers fan sites (via the posting of images or links to stolen prototypes as "news"), and the canonical portions of the official convention also ebing replaced by the Dreamwave license and the vast success of the line spawning more fiction.

All in all, there were still a number of great highlights. The Hasbro Panel was still highly informative, as was the Hasbro display. Rob Gerbracht returned to the Transfan fold, this year as a guest, panelist, and convention organizer. Perhaps the largest dealer room ever (sadly, the selection from the dealers was mediocre at best). And the voice actor panel was fun as always, even if Scott McNeill rehashed his same script that he's used at his last two appearences (seriously, if I hear the lame story about Scott and his wife on line at the supermarket and he does his Death-Metal-Cookie-Monster voice to say "get out of my way," one more time, I'm going to vomit). Luckily, convention newbie Dan Glivestan was great to listen to and a compelling guest.

Below are a few of the pictures I snagged while in Chicago. There's lots more in the related articles in this issue. Enjoy.

The Convention Center
The Doubletree Hotel
Voice actors panel
(L to R: Scott McNeill,
Dan Gilvestan, & Michal
The 3H Panel
(L to R: Malin Huffman, ?,
Rob Gerbract, Dan Khanna,
Glen Halitt, & Amy ?)
TFU.INFO sponsor
JRS Toyworld
Palisades Grimlock
A great late-Sunday sale by a very observant dealer.
Some boxart my friend found in the trash after the con.
OTFCC comic covers
Contest prizes sold at the Japanese table
OTFCC comic covers
Palisades Ultra Magnus
Palisades Starscream
Palisades Soundwave
Sentinel Maximus
Which one is the real Jackpot?

The Haul: OTFCC Exclusive Mega Zarak, E-Hobby Crosscut, Reissue TM Hot Rod, Sixtrain Red Mode, Destron Sixbuilder (Devastator colors), Reverse Evolution Sixturbo, World's Smallest Convoy White Mode ("Ultra Magnus"), World's Smallest Jazz, Superlink Shadowhawk, G2 Inferno, Stalker, Bumper, Hasbro Exclusive Energon weapons, Heroes of Cybertron Ironhide, Micron Legend X-Dimension Rescue Team, 4 figures of Berserker Sixwing (Chain Gun, Falcon, Flanker, Raker), Masters of the Universe Battle Fist, Thundercats Panthro, G1 Spychangers print by Jackpot, G.I Joe vs. Transformers preview comic, Xevoz #0 comic, and a bunch of new OTFCC comics.

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