Don't Call Me
Tony Productions


Year - 2002
Series - Armada
Faction - Mini-Cons
Size Class - Mini-Con


  • This figure came with no accessories.


  • Robot to vehicle conversion
  • Can attach inside the vehicle mode of Armada Demolishor (2002) for combined mode and launching action. Works with all subsequent uses of that mold.

Tech Spec

Blackout is the Mini-Con partner of Demolishor. This fiesty powerhouse changes into a rolling missile platform with a high-tech sensory array. When Blackout combines with his partner Demolishor, he adds that extra amount of firepower the Decepticons need to turn the tide in the attack against the Autobots.

Bio taken from the 2003 Fleer Transformers Armada Trading Card set.


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available with Armada Demolishor (2002) in 2002.

Characters Named "Blackout"