Don't Call Me
Tony Productions


Year - 2002
Series - Armada
Faction - Mini-Cons
Size Class - Mini-Con


  • This figure came with no accessories.


  • Robot to vehicle conversion

Tech Spec

Rollbar is the Mini-Con partner of Scavenger. His strength is impressive, even to his larger Autobot teammates. In vehicle mode, he is able to overcome rough terrain and rougher enemies. Decepticons and enemy Mini-Cons never challenge Rollbar without a solid plan of attack. When powerlinked with Scavenger, the two are nearly unstoppable, able to bulldoze their way through an army of Megatron's greatest warriors.

Bio taken from the 2003 Fleer Transformers Armada Trading Card set.


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available with Armada Scavenger (2002) in 2002.

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