Don't Call Me
Tony Productions

Ai Kuruma

Year - 2005
Series - Binaltech Asterisk
Faction - Human
Size Class - Pack-in Figure
ID Number - BTA-01


  • Stand

  • Head

  • Arms (L and R)

  • Driving Arms (L and R)

  • Legs

  • Driving Legs

  • Torso


  • Human figure with interchanable limbs
  • Can ride in the seats of most Binaltech/Alternators vehicles

Tech Spec

"Hrmph, what am I to do with you!?"

She has had a strong sense of justice since a child, and has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a junior policewoman. Always likes to take care of others, even towards Alert, looking out for him as an older sister. In truth, she has not realized it has been Alert helping her out in many situations. It seems there is some history between Ai and the Transformers even before she met Alert...

DoB: June 11 (Gemini)
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Drawing portraits
Specialty Sport: Softball
Favourite Color: White
Favourite Food: Hamburgers, soft service ice cream
Weaknesses: Garage parking, getting up early


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available with Binaltech Asterisk Alert (2005) in Japan in 2005.

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