Don't Call Me
Tony Productions




Function: Weapons/Systems Design



Can also form the body of Nexus Maximus (2009).



This figure came with no accessories.


Tech Spec

"This is quantum hexi-crypto. Totally unbreakable. I'll need three minutes."

Heatwave never thinks much about the past. He's aware of the flaws in his memory in only the most distant sort of way. It is only when the Decepticons around him recall old times or trade stories of what they did before the war that he has the most vague recollections. Heatwave has more pressing issues on hs mind than his lack of a past.

Despite his dearth of self-reflection, he is a mechanical genius. Seemingly insurmountable engineering problems are the live wire from which his mind feeds. While others invent new weapons and technology for use in the war against the Autobots, it is Heatwave's task to solve the problems inherent in making new technology practical and reproducible. It is a job he takes on with gusto. When presented with a new design challenge, he focuses on it to the exclusion of all else. On one occasion, he continued working on a particularly knotty software bug even as a Decepticon safe house collapsed in flames around him.

He is totally devoted to Megatron and the Decepticon fight for freedom. To him, life is open-source; all beings should be free to experience it however they choose.

Weapons: Missile Swarm
Unique quality: Machine empathy. Able to communicate with and remotely control any non-sentient machine.



There are no known variations of this figure.



Availability: This figure was available exclusively from the Transformers Collectors Club in 2009.

Additional Versions of Heatwave: There are no additional versions of Heatwave.

Recolors: This mold was recolored from Energon Barricade (2005) and was later colored into Movie/Target Transformers: Universe Classics 2.0 Onslaught (2009).
Remolds: This figure was never remolded.

Name Reuses: The name Heatwave was reassigned to Rescue Bots Heatwave (2011-2014) and Hero Mashers Heatwave (2014).

The name Heatwave was modified and reassigned to Heatwave the Fire-Bot Bird (2014).