Don't Call Me
Tony Productions

Megatron (Mace)

Year - 2001
Series - Super Collection Figure
Faction - Decepticon
Act - 1


  • Stand


  • PVC Robot


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available blind-packed as the chase figure as part of SCF Act 1 in Japan in 2001.

G1 Megatron Figure History

Please note, depending on which continuity you follow, Megatron is sometimes upgraded into Galvatron (1986-2016) and other times they are entirely different characters. Please see the page for Galvatron for all iterations of that character.

Megatron was also included as an accessory with: Super Collection Figure Act 2 Convoy w/jetpack (2001), Super Collection Figure Act 6 Convoy w/Megatron Gun (2002), Super Collection Figure Act 6 Pewter Convoy w/Megatron Gun (2002), Japan Wonder Festival Super Collection Figure Convoy (2002), Mega SCF Metallic Version Convoy (2002), Mega SCF Starscream (2002), Transformers Collection Starscream (2003), Masterpiece MP-1 Convoy (2003), 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (2004), Masterpiece MP-2 Ultra Magnus (2005), Revoltech Starscream (2008), Masterpiece MP-1B Convoy Black Version (2010), Masterpiece MP-4S Convoy Sleep Mode (2010), San Diego Comic Con 2011 G.I. Joe and the Transformers Starscream (2011), Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave (2013), Toys R Us Masterpiece Soundwave (2013), Masterpiece MP-13B Soundblaster (2014), Masterpiece MP-11SW Skywarp (2015), and Walmart Reissue Starscream (2018).