Don't Call Me
Tony Productions


Boxed (Multi-Pack)


Sub-Group - Dark Saber Team



Dark Saber
with Jack (2003, Japan)
and Shade (2003, Japan)



This figure came with no accessories.



There are no known variations of Mad.



Availability: This figure was available with Shade (2003, Japan) and Jack (2003, Japan) in Japan in 2003. This figure was also available in a multi-pack with Micron Legend Rampage (2003, Japan), Hawk (2003, Japan), Shade (2003, Japan) and Jack (2003, Japan) in Japan in 2003.

Additional Versions of Mad: There are no additional versions of Mad.

Recolors: This mold was recolored from Mini-Con Jetstorm (2002), CD Mach (2003, Japan), X-Dimension Mach (2003, Japan), Air Assault Jetstorm (2003), and Micron Booster Mach (2003, Japan).
Remolds: This figure was remolded into Energon Scattor (2004), Quantum (2004, Japan), and Cybertron Thrust (2006), also, the mold used to create Change Micron Mach (2003, Japan) was based off of this one.
Name Reuses: The name Mad was never reassigned.