Don't Call Me
Tony Productions

Racer-Bot Alpha







This figure came with no accessories.


Tech Spec

He's a stylish, souped-up speedster who's revved up to take on the Go-Bots team. Back on Botropolis, he and his brother were testing the new Invisibility Force to see how powerful it could be. They decided to put their newfound powers to the ultimate test: They challenged each other to a winner-take-all race through the galaxy! With his new power he may be the fastest racer ever!



There are no known variations of Racer-Bot Alpha.



Availability: This figure was available in limited markets in 2004.

Additional Versions of Racer-Bot Alpha: There are no additional versions of Racer-Bot Alpha.

Recolors: This mold was recolored into Speed-Bot Muscle Car (2005).
Remolds: This figure was never remolded.
Name Reuses: The name Racer-Bot Alpha was never reassigned.