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Tony Productions

Victory Leo (Black Version)

Year - 2005
Series - Robot Masters
Faction - Decepticon
Size Class - Robot Masters
ID Number - RM-17
Sub-Group - Store Exclusives

Function - Armed Knight


  • Super Motorized Rifle (x2)

  • V-Lock Rifle

  • V-Lock Cannon

  • Missile


  • Robot to vehicle conversion
  • Base mode
  • Combines with Robot Masters Star Saber (2004) and all subsequent versions of that mold


There are no known variations of this figure.


This figure was available exclusively from E-Hobby with E-Hobby Robot Masters Black Version Star Saber (2005) in Japan in 2005.

G1 Victory Leo Figure History

Please note, depending on your point of view, Ginrai's body was rebuilt from Ginrai (1988-2017) and may be considered the same character. Please see his page for futher versions.

Characters Named "Victory Leo"